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The HairDreams LaserBeam Nano System

Undetectably longer and fuller hair in less time and it lasts up to 8 months!


5 strands with 1 press of a button

45 minutes for a complete Long Hairdreams

8 months excellent durability possible!



With the launch of its revolutionary ‟Laserbeamer" System ten years ago, Hairdreams set a major milestone in the world of hair extensions. To this day, Laserbeamer is the only benchmark when achieving high-end, professional hair extensions and thickening in the shortest amount of time.
Today, ten years later, Hairdreams has achieved yet again a technological quantum leap in the art of making hair longer and fuller with the new Laserbeamer NANO System. It's not just a ‟Facelift" of the existing Laserbeamer, but it's a completely new, advanced technological development. The unique technical operatives of the previous successful Hairdreams systems combined with the ultimate attributes of new Nano-technology paves the way to this new, patented Nano System Technology. This new, patented Nano Technology allows one's own hair to multiply instantly in never before seen perfection as if done by magic.


Watch how these High End Professional hair extensions transform your hair



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